Stress and hair loss: can meditation help?

Stress affects your mind and body in more ways than you may first imagine. In addition to high blood pressure, tension headaches, stress often causes hair loss. According to the Mayo Clinic stress can cause the loss of hair.

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Major life events such as death, divorce, and financial catastrophe have a big impact on your mind-body. Hair loss can occur in the weeks following a stressful event, and continue for up to 3 months. The hair will typically begin growing back on its own accord in time.

Typically, we cannot control our stress response to these mega events, however we can control our response to the daily stressors in life. The temporary loss of hair, telogen effluvium, can also be caused by chronic stress, hormonal shifts, and poor nutrition. Check with your healthcare provider to confirm what type of hair loss you are dealing with.

Chronic stress takes its toll on your immune system, and contributes to thyroid problems, autoimmune diseases, and insomnia. My hairdresser confirmed my hunch that women with thyroid problems have thinning hair. Stress management through meditation is one way to ease the tension in your body-mind.

Kundalini meditations are highly effective in self-managing our levels of stress by balancing our autonomic nervous system, and in turn our hormonal system. The feel good hormones get turned on and your body reflects that radiance.

What does Kundalini yogic science say about the role of hair?

The word Kundalini, according to Yogi Bhajan translates from the word kundal, which means “a coil of the beloved’s hair.” Yogic science teaches that the hair can actually help raise the Kundalini energy (the evolutionary life force energy), especially when allowed to grow to its full and natural length, while increasing vitality.

Importance of hair in Kundalini yoga:

Have you ever noticed static electricity in your hair? Hair conducts electricity, which affects the electromagnetic field (aura) of the body. In turn, the aura nourishes the nervous system. Human hair draws in prana, the life force energy, and protects the crown of the head from the sun’s direct energy.

Your hair directs energy from the sun to the brain’s frontal lobes, which is further activated during meditation. Yogis believe that hair helps serve as a conduit, which allows cosmic energy and wisdom to flow in and stimulate the pineal gland.

Kundalini yoga tips for keeping your hair healthy:

  • To prevent hair loss, massage your scalp with organic coconut oil, then sit in sunlight (or sun lamp) until the oil is absorbed or dries.
  • Shampoo the hair every 72 hours, if possible.
  • Allow your hair to dry naturally, if possible in the sunlight so that your hair can absorb Vitamin D.
  • Use a wooden comb or brush to maintain and balance your aura, the electromagnetic field around your body. Static electricity drains energy away from your body.
  • Keep hair natural and healthy; silver/white hair increases the flow of energy as you age.
  • Come your hair front to back, then back to front, right to left, and left to right a couple times a day. This simple technique helps maintain hormonal balance.
  • Include vitamins A, C, E and lecithin in your diet to maintain healthy hair and scalp.

11-Minutes of meditation per day will help you manage your stress and build reserves of resilience.




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