Raising the Roof on Your Vibration

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Good Vibrations: using the Inner Balance app from the HeartMath Institute

Meditation takes work…I don’t always feel like practicing. On those mornings when I’m a bit out of sorts, it shows, not only in my attitude, but also in my heart rhythm (see HRV graph). When I meditate with the Inner Balance tool (heart rate variability app from the HeartMath® Institute) I know where I stand, what to do about it, and how to raise my vibe.

My lowered emotional state makes my HRV go wonky and my heart rhythm appears chaotic.

That frenzied message is being transmitted throughout my body via the heart’s electromagnetic pulsations. Meditation isn’t woo-woo, it’s basic science, at least to start out with. Our heart generates an electro-magnetic field that either resonates or it doesn’t. Yogic science calls the field an aura, science refers to it an electro-magnetic field. It’s the same phenomenon.

Actually, there are degrees of coherence as shown in the HRV image above. Think of coherence as something that is in harmony, order, and free of chaos. Like a flock of birds when they move as one.

The red zone is a low vibration or resonating pattern, blue is medium, and green is a high vibe—being in the flow of life’s bigger magnetic patterns. Accomplished mediators can enter this state of tao at will, a state where there is no action, yet the source where everything comes from. Simply put, going with the flow of life and not fighting against it. In this high vibe state, you naturally attract what you need when you need it, especially when you align with your bigger destiny (that’s another post to be written).

Raising my vibration has taken a committed effort of 11-minutes a day

(aka 11-Minute Meds), but I’m making progress. My mind-body has learned what a state of high

sound patterns
Vibrations in water

vibration (heart coherence) feels like. I sit on my meditation mat and my mind-body knows what’s next.

I have found that I merely have to show up for meditation and my body “gets it.” When I set an intention and begin to breath, I naturally shift from red zone to flowing in the green zone. The “coherence over time” graph is set for level 3 difficulty out of 4 levels. That means for me to get into the green I have to surpass a coherence level of 4.0 out of a possible 16. Keep in mind that people walking around with a coherence score of 16 are on the level of Buddha, Christ, and other avatars who have walked this earth.

Conscious breathing and heart centering are my first steps to a higher vibe.

Conscious breathing is the step to raising your vibe, but I really have to shift my internal state, my emotions and thoughts, to raise the roof of my vibration. Your feeling state and thoughts contribute (low or high) contribute to your overall vibe, and its measurable. It’s no secret that feelings of gratitude, love, and compassion not only feel good, but they are good for your health as well. The coherence over time graph above shows an example of just how fast this physiological change can happen. A shift in emotions and thoughts can raise your vibe—every time.

Breath deeply and slowly. Use the breath as a healer and teacher. Inhale 5 to 10 seconds, and exhale 5 to 10 seconds.

Shift your thoughts and feel a state of calm, gratitude or whatever speaks to you in the moment. The key is to not just think it, but feel it—make it real.

Whether you have a device from the HeartMath Institute or not, an 11-minute meditation practice (every day) will help raise your vibrational state to a frequency that serves you well, and in turn serves the world.

The Basic Formula to Raise the Roof of Your Vibe:

  1. Allow your awareness to drift down to your heart.
  2. Begin to inhale through your heart center. Imagine your breath is entering and exiting through your chest area. Keep the breaths equal length on the inhale and exhale (balances the autonomic nervous system).
  3. Shift your emotional state to a positive one by not only thinking of pleasant things, but actually feeling positive emotions–this is KEY.

Do you have 11-Minutes?

Check out the meditation page for more ideas and please leave a comment or question.

2 thoughts on “Raising the Roof on Your Vibration”

  1. Hi Anne,

    i liked this article because although t is about meditation the approach is more scientific than spiritual. My spirituality is my passion and my highest priority but I still found this very interesting to read. having things explained in a scientific way can definitely help some people to better understand meditation and its benefits.

    And I think people would be more likely generally to take up your invitation to contact you, check out the meditation page or leave a comment.

    Just one question – you say that the evidence is synced with Kundalini meditations. Does that mean your article/ the product is only related to kundalini meditation?

    all the best

    • Hello, and thank you for your thoughtful question. Since I studied science and worked in medical device technology for most of my adult life, I appreciate the need to satisfy the Western mind based on evidence and results. As a mediator and yogini, I very much appreciate knowing through experience. Mindfulness practice or any meditation practice will bring similar results. As a spiritual person, you can appreciate that there are many paths to stillness. I can always tell the mediators when I hook them up to HeartMath biofeedback, because they go into the green zone so easily.

      Best to you, Anne


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