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Stress Management
11 Minute Meditations

Do you want to change your relationship to stress, anxiety, or stress-related depression?

Or maybe you are trying to change your relationship to addictive behaviors such as over-eating or excesses in other areas.

In just 11 minutes a day you can begin to relieve stress and bring joy back into your life by changing how you deal with the stressors in your life. Stress is not going away anytime soon, it’s part of modern life. You can, however change how you relate to stressful events-internal or external.

11-Minute Meds™ are meditations from the Kundalini yoga tradition, as taught by Yogi Bhajan. These short meditations are highly effective  and work quickly. Most people begin to feel the effects right away.

Think of this short daily practice as a vitamin pill for your mind-body, which is more valuable than one longer practice done just once a week.  In just 11 minutes the nervous and hormonal systems begin to be affected, and you are building resilience every day. It’s like recharging a battery that is exhausted, a little bit every day.

And wouldn’t it be great if you had scientific evidence that the 11-minute meditations you are

Relieve anxiety
Touching the lotus of the heart

practicing are really healing your nervous system—your life?

11-Minute Meds™ combines the power of meditation with heart rate variability biofeedback based on HeartMath® technology so that you know when you’re in the zone of healing. HeartMath® provides a biofeedback app for your smart phone that uses an ear sensor to measure your heart beats. The heart generates a smooth pattern when in a state of high heart coherence or the zone of healing. A state where the autonomic nervous system operates at peak efficiency, followed by a reduction of stress hormones and an increase of the feel good hormones.

stress relief
11-Minute Meds affects your heart-brain interaction (Courtesy of HeartMath®)

11-Minute Meds offers a variety of meditations with specific outcomes based yogic science. Often our Western minds seeks evidence, and by combining yogic meditations with evidence-based HRV feedback you will know what meditations are most effective for you.

Do you have 11 minutes?

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