Hello, and thank you for stopping by. My name is Anne Ruitberg Taylor and I have created 11-Minute Meds to share my experiences of my Western medical knowledge of the heart and how it relates to my practice of Kundalini yoga meditations. I have lived with one foot in each world for most of my life.

Anne Taylor
Anne Ruitberg Taylor, BS, PhD

When I was a young woman, I witnessed many people slipping into cardiac arrest while working as an EKG technician. As the monitor slipped into a flat-line, some patients spontaneously “came back to life” as the doctors worked on them…and some did not. And from an early age, it seemed to me that the heart seemed to have a “mind of its own.”

I’ve worked in the medical device field for decades, specifically, heart monitoring, and always knew that there was more to caring for the heart than simply treating it as a pump. This defining realization led me to doctoral studies to understand how the great Wisdom Traditions of the world viewed the heart.

Getting out of my head and into my own heart has been a personal journey, and through the practice of Kundalini yoga, based on the yogic Wisdom Tradition as taught by Yogi Bhajn, I have learned one way to open the heart through meditation.

Because my Western mind still demanded evidence-based “proof” that meditations were actually working, I added heart rate variability (HRV) feedback to my meditation practices. HRV is a Western biomarker that is underutilized in most clinical facilities, yet bridges the practice of meditation to evidence-based Western technology.

My passion is to teach that the heart is more than a pump, and creating a relationship with the subtle heart is life-changing. My relationship to stress, anxiety, and stress-induced diseases has radically changed my life and the lives of my clients.

11-Minute Meds is dedicated to sharing the integration of Western medicine and Eastern meditation, where meditations can become your medications.

With an open heart,

Anne Ruitberg Taylor, BS, PhD